It's no secret that 90% of the wealthy 1% have achieved that wealth through the investment in real estate.  With this in mind, Elevation Equities was founded in January 2017 based on the objective of creating quality multi-family investments that provide both quality housing for tenants and income producing properties for investors.  Throughout the expanse of the Elevation Equities network in multiple states, we have coordinated with experienced management companies, capital funds, brokers and professional services to create wealth building investments.
Most investors understand that investing in real estate is lucrative, but lack the network or expertise to accurately and efficiently identify, negotiate and close value add multi-family investments.  What Elevation Equities offers is a network of qualified professionals both financial and practical that can perform these tasks for investors effectively and create wealth building multi-family projects that will have the investor's money working for them.  We are a firm that will work with both the casual investor, explaining deals in an easy to understand manner as well as experienced investors looking to coordinate on a project.

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