Who We Are

Eric Johnson, Co-founder and Active Real Estate Investor

Eric began developing his investing experience in both Real Estate and the Stock Market by organizing retirement portfolios of friends and family.  He found himself radiating with joy when helping others ease their worries about their financial future.  Now, Eric finds himself positioned with an incredible network of investors and professionals and a burning passion to bring as many people as humanly possible to realize financial freedom.  


Eric began Elevation Equities, LLC out of his passion for branching out to help others achieve and maintain financial freedom, along with his obsession of streamlining investing for those with less time, knowledge and resources.

Eric has a Masters Degree in Administrative Leadership from

Montclair State University.  His strengths and passions include

leading professional groups, influencing through his public

speaking, connecting with people through networking, and

branding a business that reaches its highest level of

significance in it's perspective industry. He was a college

baseball player during his undergraduate education at the

University of New Haven and applies his athletic resilience and

passion to Real Estate Investing.  Today, Eric absolutely loves

spending time with his fiancé and is getting married in Aruba, 

November, 2017!


“The way for you get fulfillment out of life is by providing

more value to others than they ever expected in return.”





Rocco Ignozza, Co-founder and Active Real Estate Investor

Rocco is currently a business consultant, accountant and auditor.  He graduated with honors at Monmouth University and also possesses a minor degree in information technology.  Rocco’s strengths include business function/organization,  accounting/tax knowledge, business management, internal control systems and analysis of those systems and experience in managing projects with his father, a successful general contractor located in Morris County.


Rocco co-founded Elevation Equities, LLC out of his authentic desire to help

others by building resilient communities and his ultimate goal is to establish

financial freedom so that he can extend that help across the globe.


“The definition of success is to live your life in a way that causes you to

feel a ton of pleasure and very little pain - and because of your lifestyle,

have the people around you feel a lot more pleasure than they do pain.”