Our Portfolio

There are countless hours of due diligence, forecasting and correspondence that go into creating and maintaining a successful multifamily project for investors, but don't get the wrong idea, we LOVE doing it!  We stress conservatism in our analysis of a potential deal and it is the reason we have had and will continue to have success in the multifamily industry.  Here are a few examples of our projects, with many more on the way!

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The West Ninth Duplex

Jacksonville, FL

Every journey begins with a single step, and The West Ninth Duplex is ours.  Once an ugly duckling, a few key renovations to the interior and exterior of the two units on this property have transformed this project into a beautiful 15%+ cash flowing swan!

The Flagler and Riviera Apartments at San Marco

Jacksonville, FL

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful San Marco neighborhood in Jacksonville, the Flagler and Riviera apartments were acquired for their incredible proximity to the shops and restaurants downtown and the neighborhood's booming rental market.  Within the first three months of closing this project, over 50% of the ten units have been brought to market, and the area projects to continue its meteoric rise!

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